A Game of Two Halves: What To Expect

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As A Game of Two Halves draws nearer, we thought we would give you a sneak preview of what you can expect if you’re attending…


Round One: Quickfire Question Round – Football
A quickfire question round of football knowledge!

Round Two: Blindfold Touch and Feel
Can our contestants guess the mystery guests standing in front of them? 

Round Three: Quickfire Question Round – Saints Past
How much do the teams know about the history of Southampton FC? 

Round Four: Draw The Special Guest
Pencils at the ready – the best drawing of our mystery guest wins this round! 

Interval: 30 Minutes 


Round Five: How Well Do You Know Your Captain?
Find out how well the teams really know their Captains, Matt Le Tissier and Charlie Austin!

Round Six: True or False
Are our contestants able to fool the other team with their true or false statements? 

Round Seven: Dirty Laundry
How quickly can our teams sort through their washing baskets to find the answers to win this challenge? 

Round Eight: Quickfire Question Round – Saints Present
Another quickfire round on Southampton FC from 2015 – 2017. 

There are still some tickets available! To get yours, go too agameoftwohalves.eventbrite.co.uk


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