Anna Payne: Positive Primary Stars


Working within an inner city primary school holds many challenges, but for Anna, the support of Saints Foundation’s Primary Stars programme is making a big difference…

In October 2016, Saints Foundation launched the Premier League Primary Stars programme in 12 schools across Southampton, with the specific aim of increasing the knowledge, skill and confidence of teachers, while also increasing young peoples’ enjoyment, participation and skill in physical activities.

Anna Payne is the Deputy Head Teacher at Redbridge Primary School, one of 16 core schools in Southampton where the Primary Stars Programme is delivered.

“The Primary Stars programme has opened our school up to a multitude of different opportunities,” Anna comments. “Not only do we get an excellent staff member in Ed Kilby who joins us one day a week, we also get to be involved in exclusive competitions, stadium visits and player visits that we wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

The Premier League Primary Stars programme uses the appeal of The Premier League and its Clubs to inspire children to learn in different ways.

With the backing of The Premier League and Southampton Football Club, our Primary Stars team are able to engage with pupils who may struggle with the mainstream school system.

“Ed is an excellent role model for our pupils at Redbridge, since the academic year started he has quickly formed positive relationships with them. They’re always excited to see and work with him.”

“Through his experience with football and coming in every day with the Saints badge on his tracksuit, Ed is able to engage with some of our more vulnerable children.”

“It isn’t just sport that Ed has helped develop though,” Anna says. “Through sport he is able to help develop their PSHE, numeracy and literacy.”

Aside from increasing pupil’s engagement, the Primary Stars programme is also about increasing teachers confidence in delivering sports sessions.

“Just as he’s formed strong relationships with the pupils, Ed is also a valued member of the staff team here at Redbridge too.”

“The other staff are benefitting from the Continued Professional Development sessions, no matter whether they’re newly qualified or experienced teachers. Ed and the Primary Stars programme is having a positive influence on everyone at our school.”

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