Callum Chugg: New Paths

Finding a path in life can be tricky for those that leave education. For Callum Chugg, there was little on offer for him. Nothing that ticked the right boxes.

Fast forward two-and-a-half years of hard work and Callum is now a full-time, and integral, member of staff at Saints Foundation all thanks to his apprenticeship. After leaving college, the 21-year-old joined us not knowing what to expect.

“To start with it was difficult, if I’m honest,” Callum admitted. “I was 18, straight out of college where I thought I wouldn’t achieve anything. But this has changed me as a person. It has made me more mature and professional in the working environment.

“This was my chance to put my all into something.”

Not only has it changed his perceptions, but he has done his part in benefitting lives throughout the city of Southampton. Working closely with our Health & Wellbeing team, he has had a positive effect, working on improving our participants’ overall health, whilst providing a friendly face for them to interact with.

He explained: “In our first year, we delivered to multiple projects before we went to work with Health & Wellbeing. When I left education, I didn’t think I’d be working with elderly people, but you start to realise the impact you can have in these peoples’ lives. They really appreciate what we do and that is incredibly rewarding.”

Callum has now completed his apprenticeship and has impressed to such a degree that he now works full time with Saints Foundation as part of the Pathways To Health project – another strand of the Health & Wellbeing programme.

“I now have a full-time job, which is obviously really good. I’ve taken full advantage of the qualifications that I have been offered throughout the apprenticeship. I’ve learnt that if you push yourself, you can achieve what you want in life.”

Apprenticeship completed, Callum Chugg is working proof that with the right drive, you can turn potential into excellence.

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