Charlotte Burton: Ready for work


How do you go from being unable to leave the house to playing international football in less than a year? Ask Charlotte Burton…

As recently as 2017, Charlotte, 21, spent her days sat at home, getting into arguments on social media and neglecting her health and wellbeing.

“I never really used to do anything because of my mental health issues,” Charlotte said. “I suffer with anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder, and I was just in a bad place.”

“But then it was like a massive light bulb just came on in my head, and I told myself that I need to change before I end up doing something that I regret. That was when my best friend, Jake, told me he knew about a course at Saints Foundation that would be really good for me.”

Saints Foundation’s Saints Works programme offers 16-25 year olds who are not in education, employment or training the chance to take part in a unique work readiness programme.

“Since starting the course my confidence has gone from not wanting to do anything, to wanting to get out of bed every morning. It has motivated me physically to get up every day.”

“After finishing my Saints Works programme, I’ve then started helping out with other cohorts. I can say to the participants that I’ve done it before, I’ve been in their shoes and I can help them get to where they want to be.”

“When you do something for the community, it makes you feel like a better person, so since then I’ve been volunteering with Saints Foundation; I genuinely feel amazing.”

And Charlotte’s hard work and commitment to fulfilling her potential has been rewarded with other unique opportunities.

As well as representing the Foundation at a Street Football tournament in Belgium in June, she was also selected to represent Team England at the Homeless World Cup in Portugal in July.

“Saints Foundation is pretty much like a family, they are so fantastic at what they do, and the way they can help anyone who is struggling is really inspirational.”

“Going forward I want to stay in football, because it has literally changed my life.”

To find out more about Saints Foundation’s Saints Works programme, please contact Dave Warnes at

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