Dave Duffy: Strolling to success


Caulkhead Strollers are just one team who make the monthly trip to participate in Saints Foundation’s Pan Disability League, but for Dave Duffy, the trip is more than worthwhile.

 Saints Foundation’s Pan Disability League has rapidly progressed, and since it’s first round of fixtures in January 2017 a huge number of hidden talents have been unearthed, none more so than The Isle of Wight’s Caulkhead Strollers.

Caulkhead are the only team to make the monthly ferry trip over from ‘The Island’ to participate in the league, a feat that is proving successful for team manager, Dave Duffy.

“It all started with a Google search,” Dave recalls. “I was trying to find an adult disability league for the Club to join, and luckily the first one that came up was Saints Foundation’s Pan Disability League.”

 “Since joining at the beginning of the year our members can’t wait to make the monthly trip across the Solent to play.”

“It’s not just the pride they get from putting on our kit and representing the Club, it’s also about having the opportunity to meet up with the other teams, people who they now count as good friends.”

Saints Foundation’s Pan Disability league, which is sponsored by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, provides a platform for players of all abilities to compete in Under-12, Under-16, and Adult Participation and Competitive leagues.

Now in its second season, the league boasts 38 teams, over 250 players and a constant stream of inspiring stories.

“Due to the publicity the league gets across the region, there’s now more and more demand on the Isle of Wight to play for us, so much so that this season we now have two teams entered in the league.”

“All I hear is positive feedback about people’s experiences playing for us, and playing in the Foundation’s league.”

“It’s not just playing opportunities that the league’s provided either, one of our youngest players, 16-year-old Josh Phillips, is about to complete his FA Level 1 coaching badge, and next year when we register our Under-16 and Under-12 teams in the Foundation league, Josh will take over coaching the Under-12s.”

“We need young, aspiring players like Josh to carry the Club forward into the future, and the opportunities Saints Foundation are providing is allowing them to flourish.”

“Watching my team play fills me with pride, and our entire team gets a real buzz every time we get to see just how far we’ve come.”

If you would like to know more about Saints Foundation’s Pan Disability league, or want support to set up a disability team in your club please contact Mike Pink at mpink@saintsfc.co.uk.

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