Dave Hills: Squad Goals

Small things make a world of difference at Saints Foundation. Sometimes it can just be a name.

Saints Goal looks to change the long-term habits of men over the age of 35 and with a waist line of more than 36 inches. Our staff work on changing our participants’ lifestyle through education and exercise in a 12-week programme, and to put in place a personal activity plan to work on once the course has finished.

Dave Hills wasn’t sure how much the project would impact him when he started earlier this year but, it only took him until the second week to know he was in the right place.

“It may sound silly, but at the start of the second week they knew my name and what I did for a living,” Dave explained. “At a gym, you’re a number, a statistic. Their interest in me was really impressive.”

Throughout the 12 weeks, the group has made huge strides in both their mindset and physical health, even taking on a ParkRun towards in recent times.

“I’m feeling very sad that it is ending. It’s been great to be part of a group that are all in the same boat trying to achieve the same thing. The camaraderie is superb, that’s what makes it worthwhile.

The near three-month course is now over for Dave, but he and the whole group are committed to maintaining their healthy lifestyle and have arranged a group activity class together. At his final health screening, Dave had lost 10.6 kilograms with an incredible drop of 36% on his resting heart rate. Collectively, the 12 participants lost 69.5 centimetres around their waists and dropped 45.9kg – the same weight as 90 pairs of under armour football boots.

If you are inspired by Dave’s story and feel you can benefit, register your interest by contacting Paul Hedges via email at phedges@saintsfc.co.uk.

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