Dylan Wareham: Giving Back

Football is Dylan Wareham’s passion. It provided him a safe space as a participant four years ago, and, now, it is his way of giving back.

Saints Kicks welcomed Dylan to sessions every week, where he would play casual games of football alongside a multitude of other young people. At Kicks, our coaches look to break down barriers between authority figures and get participants into a sporting habit for life.

This is something that you can see within Dylan. After persevering as a volunteer within the project, he has now stepped up to become a casual coach.

Speaking about his journey, Dylan explained: “I started at Kicks four years ago and I got really interested in volunteering.

“I started that at one session, and it went from there. I then had the opportunity to do my FA Level One [coaching badge], which, along with the volunteering, improved the way I was.”

His improvements were to do with his behaviour. As a participant, he was very passionate about playing and this, at times, would boil over.

He admitted: “If something didn’t go my way, it would be like the end of the world – I’d be quite angry about it.

“But going to Kicks has helped that. The coaches have improved my attitude – I now know it’s about more than just winning.”

His maturing attitude has ultimately led him into a role with the Foundation and as a steward at St Mary’s on match days – another role he really enjoys. He has now set his sights on showing the way to younger members of the group.

“The sessions really helped improve my confidence as I met knew people. This is a way of giving back and showing people that they can go on the same journey as me and attain the same goals I have.”

To find your nearest Saints Kicks session, email Ollie Morton via omorton@saintsfc.co.uk, or to find out how you can volunteer with us, click here.

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