Ethan Hooper: Saints Premier League Enterprise


Southampton Football Club is a pillar of the local community, with a brand as strong and competitive as the football team they represent, and through this brand, Saints Foundation’s Enterprise programme works its magic.

The Foundation’s Enterprise programme uses the backdrop of Southampton Football Clubs’ business model to deliver enterprise education to inspire young people in the local community.

The programme aims to increase their aspirations, skills and engagement with English and Maths.

Ethan, 12, a Year 8 student from Woodlands Community College, previously struggled with his behaviour and engagement, but since taking on the eight week programme has seen a vast turnaround.

“The Saints Enterprise programme has helped me understand the importance of working hard to make sure you can get the most out of a job,” Ethan says.

“I’ve really enjoyed completing all the tasks over the last eight weeks, the whole programme is completely different to anything I’ve ever done before.”

By using the Southampton FC brand, Saints Foundation are able to engage with students in a way that’s different to mainstream school lessons.

“The fact the programme is different to any of my other lessons helped me concentrate a lot,” Ethan comments. “Like I said, now I know the importance of how hard work will benefit me in the future.”

“The Enterprise programme has definitely raised my aspirations too, I would love to go on to college and university to either study computing or music, with the goal of becoming a games designer or music producer.”

Ethan isn’t the only one who has noticed the difference the Saints Enterprise programme is making to him, his teachers have noticed significant improvements, from the standard of his homework, to his behavior in his English lessons – and everything in between.

“I would encourage anyone that has the chance to take part in the Saints Enterprise programme to do so, I feel like it will really help improve personal skills that are important for the future, just like it did for me.”

To find out more about Saints Foundation’s Premier League Enterprise programme, please contact Mike Dixon at

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