Greg Jagger: Autism Awareness Week


Once a week, staff from Saints Foundation’s SaintsAbility team work in Hill House, a local school which caters for the needs of students with autism.

As part of Autism Awareness Week, Greg Jagger, Hill House’s Assistant Head, spoke about our impact within his school.

“For the past two years Hill House has had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside coaches from Saints Foundation, as part of their ”SaintsAbility” accessibility programme.

The weekly sessions have been inspirational for many of our students, as week on week they have continued to make what Lee, Rob, Mike and Elliot – the fully badged up Saints coaches, described as “amazing” progress with their footballing skills.

The students taking part have been able to move on from what at the beginning involved mastering simple passing, dribbling and shooting skills, to now being able to take part in actual games in which passages of play are realised, and many a goal is scored too.

It has been a privilege to work in such close partnership with Saints Foundation and SaintsAbility, and it has been fantastic to see the students gain so much from this coaching, which not only allowed them to better their skills at football but also gave them experiences to continue to develop their skills of communication and social interaction.

It is also clear that the sessions have contributed to the students’ levels of confidence, independence and self-esteem. Most of all it is clear that the students have great fun in these sessions, and really look forward to our Monday mornings together!”

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