Harry Chivers: Fulfilling His Potential

Sometimes you just need people who embrace what’s on offer, no questions asked. Step forward Harry Chivers…

Saints Foundation’s Community Champions programme runs in six schools across Southampton, and within those schools are a multitude of different programmes and initiatives on offer for students who need them.

Some students take part in one session. Some take part in a few. Harry Chivers, however, takes part in all of them.

“It all started when I was younger, and some of my older mates told me about Saints Foundation’s Kicks programme,” Harry said. “I turned up one week to join in, and ever since then I’ve attended every Foundation session I could.”

“The Foundation staff really know how to make every session fun, and it’s such a family environment. You never see anyone being left out, and there’s always something to engage in, whether it’s sport-related or not.”

Saints Foundation deliver sessions that cater for everyone. And it’s about helping them realise their potential, in whatever form that may be.180821-sfc-024

“My attitude towards sport has improved a lot, and I think I’ve developed into a good team leader. I always try to reach my full potential.”

“I try and attend every session, and because of that I always feel like I’m learning something new.”

Harry’s dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed either, with unique opportunities coming his way as a result.

“I’ve played at St Mary’s Stadium three times, had a training session taken by the Southampton FC manager and represented Saints Foundation at a national tournament in Manchester.”

And it hasn’t stopped there, this summer Harry was invited to take part in the Foundation’s first summer residential soccer school.

“I felt so proud because it was given to me as a reward for my commitment, and something I would recommend to anyone.”

“I’m still young but I would love a career in sport when I’m older. But for now I will carry on attending as many Saints Foundation sessions as I can.”

To find out more about the Community Champions programme, contact Ben Keens at bkeens@saintsfc.co.uk.

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