In memory of Jordan Willsher: 1995-2018


Today Saints Foundation is paying tribute to the life of one of its most influential participants.

Jordan Willsher, 23, passed away on the 25th August 2018, after a long battle with epilepsy, caused by a slow-growing tumour on his brain.

Jordan’s lifelong affinity with Southampton Football Club was what drew him to Saints Foundation, and ultimately was the reason he became an integral part of the Saints4Sport programme.

He first attended a Saints4Sport gym session in 2015 as a way to combat his social isolation, and in the three years since, he has left a positive lasting impact on anyone he’s come across, from participants to staff members, and everyone in between.

Despite numerous failed surgeries, Jordan’s positive outlook on life never faltered. His natural charisma and energy washed off on everyone he came into contact with.

As his condition worsened, he was less able to participate in Saints4Sport sessions. But again, this didn’t stop him being involved.

Staff members appreciated how much the programme meant to him, so found other ways for Jordan to stay engaged. Taking registers, greeting new participants, supervising the gym sessions. Anything to keep him as part of the group.

Jordan’s commitment to Saints4Sport, Saints Foundation and Southampton Football Club was absolute. When he couldn’t work out, he would assist the other gym-goers. When he couldn’t play football, he was made manager of the Saints4Sport football teams.

In many ways, Jordan was more than just a participant. He was everything that Saints4Sport aspired to be and more. He was an inspiration to his peers, a constant source of motivation for the Saints4Sport staff, and an influential part of the programme as a whole.

Aside from his family and friends, Jordan’s biggest love was Southampton Football Club, and on behalf of Saints Foundation, we were proud to have known him for the inspirational person he was.

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