Jake Batchelor: Future Found

Whether it’s at walking cricket or at our Generation Gains project, Jake Batchelor is the one putting smiles on the faces of our participants.

But, it wasn’t always this way for Jake. He joined Saints Foundation two-and-a-half years ago as an apprentice, leaving behind a stressful job.

“I was working in a kitchen before I joined Saints Foundation. I was finding it stressful and I wasn’t enjoying it. I needed to make a change,” he explained.

The apprenticeship scheme was his way forward and it was something he was passionate in.

“The thing that I enjoy the most about working with Saints Foundation is the fact that I am giving back to the local community and the older generation.

“I am passionate about giving back to the older generation because without them then we wouldn’t have what we have now.”

It’s no surprise, then, that Jake gravitated to the Health & Wellbeing department, where he made a real impact with our older participants – they even coined a new nickname for him: Jakey.

But, for him, his biggest achievement was setting up a new session, which has become a positive talking point within the project’s funders.

“My favourite memory since joining the Foundation is creating and running walking cricket for the older generation, which has become a talking point for the current funders as no other site funded by Zurich Community Trust are delivering it.

“It has helped us reach more social isolated males in the local community.”

For all his hard work, Jake is now a full-time member of staff on the Health & Wellbeing team having earned the Assistant Project Officer role. A job that allows him to keep pursuing his passions.

He added: “I want to help develop and expand the health and wellbeing programme and continue to give back to the local community. That’s what it is all about.”

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