Jake Webb: The first of many


Saints Foundation’s Coaching Academy is a two-year course, run in partnership with Richard Taunton College, which specifically focuses on the technical understanding and practical skills needed to become a sports coach.

Now moving into its third year, the Coaching Academy is already starting to produce talented young coaches, one of the first being Jake Webb.

Jake, 19, became part of the first alumni from the Coaching Academy in June, but his connection to Saints Foundation has spanned the last ten years, and his affinity with Southampton Football Club has lasted even longer.

“I started off as a Saints Foundation participant when I was nine years old,” Jake said. “I used to go to Kicks sessions at Veracity Recreational Ground and Oasis Academy Mayfield.”

“When I found out about the Coaching Academy I saw this as a great opportunity to start off my career as a coach, and somewhere where I could improve myself as a person and gain some valuable skills and experience.”

With the course combining academic studies, practical sports coaching, voluntary placements and sports coaching qualifications, it provides the perfect platform for students looking for valuable industry experience.

“Not only did I learn many practical skills, but I also improved my confidence, organisation, leadership and creativity when delivering sessions. You can take as much as you want from the course, as long as you are prepared to put in the work.”

As well as having participated in the Foundation’s Kicks programme at a young age, Jake has also been part of other Saints Foundation programmes, and was fortunate enough to represent Saints at a recent street football tournament in Belgium.

“Through participating in other Foundation programmes it has given me the chance to lead sessions, try new things and ultimately test myself,” Jake explains. “But I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without the Saints Foundation staff giving me their full support.”

“My aspirations for the future are to work my way up to becoming a full-time coach, hopefully within Saints Foundation. I love being part of this club, and representing Saints Foundation in the future is part of my plans.”

For more information on Saints Foundation’s education programmes, please contact Mark Gamble at mgamble@saintsfc.co.uk.

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