Jon Smith: Fitness Comes First


Lifestyle changes are never easy to implement, but when it comes to Saints Fans in Training, Jon is a man of his word.

Jon, 47, first started debating a lifestyle change a couple of months ago, but after seeing a video on Saints Foundation’s Facebook about the Saints Fans in Training Course (SFIT), he knew that it was time for action.

“I had started losing weight by going on a diet,” Jon said. “But I knew I could be doing more. That was when I saw the SFIT video, and I thought that perfectly coincided with the lifestyle change that I wanted.”

“The main benefit for me is that it’s given me motivation, it’s made me determined to work hard.”

“Also, you can only be taught so much about healthy eating and exercise, having someone experienced to put it all into context is invaluable.”

“The tuition we get from Paul and Marion has been fantastic. Like I said, what they do so well is they take things you know and put it into context.”

“So far I’ve lost well over 10% of my original body weight, and we’re only halfway through the programme. I’m feeling a lot healthier, both mentally and physically.”

“Through the programme I have also become ambitious. I’ve already lost 2 ½ stone and my goal is to lose another 1 ½, but I also want to make sure I keep the weight off.”

“To keep myself motivated I have signed up for the Foundation’s Big Bike Challenge in 2018, where I will be cycling almost 300 miles from the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, back to St Mary’s Stadium to raise money for the Foundation.”

“I also run a weekly blog, and this has been a key tool in terms of tracking my progress and staying motivated.”

“By putting myself online and in the public eye, it’s there in black and white and there’s no hiding from it. It’s me saying ‘this is me, this is how I used be to, and I’m never going back to that again’.”

“I also see it as a great way to showcase just a small portion of the great work Saints Foundation do.”

One of my next posts will be called ‘It’s not about the bike.’ taken from the name of Lance Armstrong’s autobiography. I want to highlight that me taking part in the Big Bike Challenge isn’t about the bike, or my fitness journey.”

“It’s about me, and what I can do to support Saints Foundation.”

“They gave me the tools to start my health and wellbeing journey, and now I’m proud to be able to do something for them in return.”

To find out more about Saints Foundation’s Health and Wellbeing programmes, please contact Paul Hedges on, or call 0845 6889370.

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