Kyle Mussell: Taking his chances


Life started as an uphill struggle for Kyle Mussell, 20, at a young age he was diagnosed with ADHD and on the Autistic Spectrum, something that affected not only him, but also those around him.

“Schooling was absolutely horrific for Kyle,” his mother Elizabeth recalls.

“If he had a good day at school, he would have a good day at home. If he had a bad day at school, he had a bad day at home, and if that happened he’d get frustrated, and if he got frustrated he’d get angry, and if he got angry something, or someone, would get hurt.”

Kyle’s situation hit an all-time low at the age of 18 when he was given a court order and five-year battery charge for assaulting his sister.

“On hindsight it’s disgusting to think that that was the only way Kyle could deal with his anger, and now he has to live with what’s happened.”

“It wasn’t until afterwards that Kyle got involved in Saints4Sport, something that has finally seen Kyle recognised for who he really is. Someone who’s encouraging, caring, and supportive, and these are all things he’s now getting back.”

Delivered in partnership with The Society of St James, Saints Foundation’s Saints4Sport programme Saints4Sport offers positive engagement opportunities to adults who are facing some of life’s biggest challenges, including behavioural issues, mental health issues, homelessness and addiction.

Kyle first became engaged with Saints4Sport when he attended its local open access football session at Goals, and from there he began to make significant behavioural changes, which resulted in him being picked to represent Saints Foundation and The Street FA’s Team England in an international tournament in Belgium.

“The Belgium trip was a big thing for Kyle,” Elizabeth says. “He’d never been abroad, or even away from his family, but he loved it.

“The friends he’s made from that trip are ones he’ll have forever, and because of the way they’ve supported him and looked out for him, I’m now seeing changes in the way Kyle wants to treat other people.

“I think Kyle has realised that Saints Foundation have given him a chance to make something of himself, I think he’ll want to do something in the future for those less fortunate than him, and give them the same opportunity he’s been given.”

“I honestly feel that if there wasn’t Saints Foundation and Saints4Sport, then Kyle would be in prison by now,” Elizabeth declares. “So thank you, I feel like this has given me back my son.”

If you would like to know more about Saints4Sport, or any other Employability and Learning opportunities Saints Foundation provide, please call 0845 6889370.

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