Mitch Broomfield: Saints vs Stigma


 1 in 4 of us will tackle mental health at some point in our lives, and for Mitch Broomfield, our Premier League Works programme is giving him the opportunity to combat his own struggles with mental health.

“When I was 16 I started hearing voices and seeing things, it got so bad in the end I was trying to hurt myself just to cope with it,” Mitch recalls. “My GP diagnosed me with Psychosis, and referred me to a mental health unit.”

Now aged 19, Mitch has spent three years battling his mental health problems. He’s gone from full rounds of medication and treatment, to voluntary medication to finally being given the all clear, and he understands how important speaking out about his mental health struggles was to starting his journey to recovery.

“Once I spoke out it changed my life entirely. I’ve been able to get help and they’ve taught me how to deal with things better, and ultimately it led to me getting involved with Premier League Works.”

Through our Premier League Works programme Mitch was recently involved in our Saints vs Stigma event at Guildhall Square in Southampton, which was a weekend football festival dedicated to tackling mental health stigma.

“Saints vs Stigma was amazing, it gave people the chance to learn more about mental health, and hopefully encourage men and women to go out and get help. The NHS, Southampton City Council and No Limits were all there, giving people advice and information on something that isn’t talked about enough.”

“The football helps loads too, it releases all the bad energy out of your body. Instead of being sat indoors all day doing nothing, speaking to no one, you’re getting out there and getting active. A year ago that was me, and now I’m always out playing football, I’m always interacting with the course and you can’t shut me up anymore!”

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