Nazmul Hao: A Release

For some, our Generation Gains sessions provide a way to keep active and socialise. For Nazmul Hao, his time with us is his release.

The former University of Southampton lecturer, who spent his whole working life teaching, is now a full-time carer for his wife. With his time at a premium, it is a testament to the session, supported by Zurich Community Trust, that since joining 18 months ago, he has hardly missed a week.

“When I’m here I am meeting all sorts of people with different opinions. I have made quite a few friends. This, for me, is some time off from my usual day where I can meet and talk with people. It is a great release.”

Not only is Naz able to socialise whilst doing the circuit training, which includes badminton rallies, seated cycling and core strength exercises, but he has found that his overall fitness has improved too.

“I do some of the exercises at home, which helps,” he explained. “I can now move quicker around the house.

“Everyone is very nice. The staff take care of us but they also make sure we are doing the right thing – this is the right approach.”

Generation Gains runs 13 free sessions across the city every week with more than 200 participants engaged.  Alongside this, we also run chair-based exercises and walking sports to help cater for more people over the age of 55.

For Naz, his final words are directed at our staff.

“They do a great job. We are all grateful for the time and effort they put in.”

If you know someone who could benefit from coming to one of our sessions, please visit or email Paul Hedges via

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