Saints Futsal Scholars get a visit from Van Dijk


Our Saints Futsal Scholars were treated to a visit from Southampton FC’s Virgil Van Dijk this afternoon, in anticipation of their upcoming trip to his home country of The Netherlands.

The Saints centre-back took a break from his recovery sessions to sit and answer questions from the Scholars, giving them valuable insight into things like sports coaching, sports injuries and performance analysis.

Our Scholars got the chance to grill him on things like how his rehabilitation was going, who his main influencers were growing up, and if he envisions a career in management after playing – to which he hinted that he already has a keen interest in scouting and analysis.

With our Scholars soon to depart for The Netherlands, this also gave them ample opportunities to quiz Van Dijk on what they can expect from the culture both on and off the pitch.

Virgil drew similarities between the Futsal format our Scholars compete in here in England to his experiences playing on the Johan Cruyff Courts in his home country, and gave them his opinion on how football culture differs across the different countries he’s played in, from the Old Firm Derby in Scotland to representing Saints in Europe.

The advice set them in good stead for their four day trip to visit Feyenoord, where they will be taking part in training sessions, absorbing the local culture and even getting the chance to watch a live game.



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