Saints4Sport spend a night helping Southampton’s homeless


On the 13th December, a group of people associated to Saints Foundation’s Saints4Sport programme took to the streets of Southampton to distribute blankets, warm food and clothing to those who are homeless and will be spending Christmas on the streets.

The idea was born from the daughters of Stacey and Scott Jones (Saints4Sport staff member), and their desire to help those less fortunate at a time when they believed everyone should have a reason to celebrate.

The team, consisting of Spartans Gym Managing Director, Stacey De Ste Croix, Saints4Sport staff and participants spent a week organising, collecting donations, knitting blankets and cooking meals before heading out into the rain.

The Saints4Sport participants found the experience particularly poignant, as not so long ago many of them were in the same situation, living on the streets of Southampton.

One of those who volunteered to help was Saints4Sport participant, Laura Cook, who found the experience extremely humbling, saying, “Spending an evening handing out food and blankets to the homeless was a great experience. It has definitely taught my sons a valuable life lesson too, that some people are a lot less fortunate than us.”

The evening finished with a stop at Southampton Street Homeless Hostel, an establishment managed by Saints Foundation’s friends at the Society of St James, where they handed out the rest of their donations to its residents.

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