Stand Against Violence with Saints Switching Play

Launched in March 2018, Saints Switching Play is an innovative new programme delivered by Saints Foundation which works in partnership with Hampshire Constabulary, Youth Offending Service and Southampton City Council to break the cycle of youth violence.

In bringing together these various agencies in the city of Southampton, Saints Foundation aims to ensure better and more effective services are available to young people at an essential part of their journey prior to further education and employment.

The programme aims to support young people aged 12-15 through sports activities, mentoring support, educational workshops and volunteering to facilitate positive attitude and behaviour change, leading young people to make important life choices and becoming active members in the community.

As part of the programme, participants are tasked with delivering a Social Action Project of their choice within the community. In August 2018, our current cohort decided to tackle the issues around violence and crime in their communities by carrying out surveys at a local community event. This gave these young people a deeper understanding of the views of others surrounding this subject.

Following completion of the first 6-month intervention, one parent said,

Attending the programme has resulted in a positive attitude change in my child and the coaches have been positive role models for them. My child now seems generally happier, as a result of attending the programme and I’ve seen a change in a lot of ways

A supporting partner continued by saying,

They are more confident and now think before they act. They work better on their own and as part of a group. They have a greater sense of respect for themselves and others.”

If you are a like-minded organisation who aims to support young people through targeted intervention and mentoring support, please contact Saints Foundation’s Youth Inclusion Coordinator, Steve Bollon at

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