Taylor Tait: Taking part in something different


Back in 2017, Saints Foundation started a new summer initiative to try and engage with an untapped demographic of people in inner city Southampton.

Saints Street Sessions use extreme sports like skating, BMXing and scooting to bring people from different backgrounds together in the cities local communities.

Taylor, 17, is one of 400 people who participated in last summer’s Saints Street Sessions, and he’s been an ever-present again in 2018.

“I initially heard about them from friends and other people in my local area,” Taylor said. “And my mum even came home with a leaflet she was given at work.”

“I saw loads of posters around the local skate parks too, and straight away I wanted to get involved because it was something I could enjoy with my friends, as well as taking part in the competitions.”

Taylor’s talent on a scooter has already earned him sponsorship, and he travels around the UK competing regularly. But being able to do what he loves in his local community was too good to miss.

“These sessions are good because it brings a lot of different people together and might get them interested in something new. So there’s football, cricket and skating all going on at once, and lots of different people interacting with each other.”

“I had already heard of Saints Foundation, they used to run football sessions at my school that I attended, and I used to go to their summer soccer schools every year.”

“I never used to think Southampton Football Club did much in the local community, but now I’ve seen all of this I can see just how much they are doing. How they are trying to engage with as many different people as possible.”

To find out more about Saints Street Sessions, please contact Ollie Morton at omorton@saintsfc.co.uk.

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