Trevor Harbut: A Football Fan In Training


As our current Football Fans In Training programme comes to an end, we reflect on how the last 12 weeks has helped the current cohort.

Football Fans in Training (FFIT) is a 12- week programme delivered at St Mary’s Stadium in collaboration with Southampton City Council’s Public Health Team.

The aim of FFIT is to support and encourage male Saints supporters, aged 35 to 65, to make significant changes to their lifestyle by helping them to lose weight, become more active and eat a healthier diet.

For Trevor Harbut, the last 12 weeks has been life changing, “I’ve found the programme invaluable really,” Trevor comments. “I work in an office, so I found that I was only doing about 2000 steps a day.”

“But now through the different exercises we do, and the things we learn in the classroom sessions, I’ve managed to get that up to about 10,000 steps, and I’m still pushing on towards my target of 15,000.”

The FFIT programme is as much about educating as it is about exercise, through the classroom sessions we aim to teach the participants things that can be applied long after the 12-week programme finishes.

“It’s the small things you learn along the way that can be applied to day-to-day life that make such a difference.” Trevor says “portion control is just one of the big things I’ve learnt about, along with how much energy you use during the day doing different things.”

Along with the classroom session, the participants also partake in a variety of different exercise sessions.

“We’ve had loads of different sessions,” Trevor recounts. “We’ve had circuit sessions pitch side at St Mary’s Stadium, we’ve played football, we’ve run across the Itchen Bridge and back, loads of things to keep us interested.”

“Regular exercise is so important to keeping weight off, and keeping healthy in general, and that’s what this course teaches you.”

“We get a good turnout every single week, so I think that show how good a job Marion and Paul do. The skills they’ve taught us, and the way they have educated us and kept us engaged is testimony to their leadership skills.

Saints Foundation exists to fulfil the potential, and change the lives of children, young people and adults at risk in our community. If you want to find out more about our work or register for the next FFIT programme then visit or contact

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